Here’s News: Shoes Lose

It’s probably nigh unto heretical to say so, but despite my stereotypical feminine admiration for shoes and my not-so-secret desire to own a zillion pairs of pretty ones, I seldom bend so far as to wear any that aren’t mighty comfortable in real life. Why, I have been known to fall right off of them and skin my precious knees whenever there was a handy hole in the pavement to snag my heel in for such purposes. But I hate pain, even the relatively minor pain of standing upright in high heels, so I really don’t often put myself in such danger.

In a similar vein, at times I am willing to go so far as to put on a little eyeliner, or suck in my gut to get a too-tight waistband to zip, or even give myself a semi-polished pedicure when I’m wearing sandals, but if time is pressed or I’m not in the mood, I’ll certainly never be bothered with such efforts. I feel more than a little ridiculous when I’m dolled up very far, and mostly I’m much too cheap and lazy and, well, un-girly, I guess, to enjoy the process, the expense or the artificiality of being ultra-feminine. Plus, there’s the risk of the people who know me best having a heart attack if I go all ruffly and spangly on ’em. That would just be mean and selfish on my part.Drawing + text: Shoes Lose

25 thoughts on “Here’s News: Shoes Lose

  1. I’m all for comfy shoes! Honestly, I look at some of those long, pointy heels in shop windows and doubt that I could even stand UP in them, never mind walk!

  2. This did make me chuckle….I have always been one for comfortable shoes or no shoes at all. As much as I admire those that wear sleek high heels well….sadly they have never been for me:):)xxx

    • I’ve owned a few pairs of heels in the last years that were actually comfortable (great insoles, good fit, and the like), but it’s so unpredictable when I buy them that I’m *mostly* content to just look nowadays. Glad you got a (no pun intended) kick out of the post! πŸ™‚

  3. I used to love high cute shoes until I had knee issues lol. Now I go for cute and flat. haha. But I will admit I adore makeup! I don’t cake it on but my favorite thing EVER is gel eyeliner and mascara. I can go without anything else but not that! lol

    • I kind of think of *myself* that way, too: “cute and flat.” πŸ˜‰ The makeup thing is that my husband is quite happy if I don’t wear any at all (though he doesn’t either discourage it or try to boss me around about it!), so the lazy me wins out and goes makeup-free most of the time. The one thing I used to like most, mascara, I can’t wear at all anymore because my current glasses sit too close to my face and get instantly grubby from ‘windshield wiping’ by my lashes if I lengthen them. Phooey. Neither pretty to look at nor easy to look *through*!! So I settle for a little eyeliner and never leaving home without some non-sticky lip balm. πŸ˜€ Everything else I have in the way of makeup had better have a shelf life of 20 years or so, since that’s about how long it’ll take to get used up around here. πŸ˜‰

    • As I admitted, I’m enamored of the *look* of high heels, to a certain extent, but I have zero patience for how they feel on me! It’s *I* who will both flip and flop if I try walking in high heels! πŸ˜‰

  4. Read this and couldn’t help thinking: Just this morning, I watched a woman who was ‘lucky’ to receive one of those TV make-overs in stiletto shoes hobbling and trying not to fall flat on her face as they made her parade in front of the camera. I bet that was her most embarrassing moment ever. I’m a comfort shoe girl, too. I like feminine clothes, but the flowing, cover-as-much-as-possible kind. Fun post! XO

    • I’m especially mystified by those who walk like various versions of Frankenstein’s monster because they’ve chosen to wear shoes that hurt, contort their posture, don’t flex or move in the way that their feet doβ€”and, almost always, look ridiculous and ugly on top of that! Bet there are a lot of chiropractors, podiatrists, and orthopedic surgeons laughing up their finely tailored silk sleeves all the while. πŸ˜‰

        • Indeed, the path to the bank is undoubtedly crowded with retailers and entrepreneurs of all sorts, laughing all the way. And not *quite* as innocently as the folk in the one-horse open sleigh, either! πŸ˜‰

  5. This was great fun to read Kathryn. Ive never worn crazily high shoes, just small heels subtly feminine. I have always loved very feminine clothes though and try my best to still look good in them despite my gait courtesy of MS. Unfortunately I have recently packed all my feminine shoes off to a charity shop as I will never be able to wear them again. This made me very sad. But I kept the ones I wore for our son’s wedding in 2006 and a strappy pair with butterflies on that I wore for a dinner dance where Ronan Keating guest singer in 2005. I hate the shoes I have to wear now with a passion, theyre just not ‘me’ but hey, Im still alive and enjoying life. πŸ˜„ xx

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