It was Only a Dream…

Photo: Waking UnderwaterA short meditation: The Oarsman

When I opened my eyes, I saw a cedar boat ahead, a craft of sleek and patinated wood; I was ashore, looking, watching without knowing why, standing on the verge with the clear salt sea touching my feet and on its cold breath casting up an offering of tide-polished stones and shells moved into patterns like a prayer shawl.

The cedar boat drew near, and in the boat, a man whose solemn joy preceded him and made my thoughts lie still.

Only the scent of cedar broke the salty air. I waded out to catch the prow and saw the oarsman watching me, and I was humbled but not afraid. He said nothing. I didn’t think to say a word, myself, but caught the boat and slowly pulled it ashore.Photo: The Scent of Cedars

The oarsman wore a long superlative braid that rose and fell on his breast; I made fast the boat to a spike of driftwood at the verge, tying the painter in a braid as like his own as I could make it.

When he stepped from the boat, the oarsman put his broad hand on my head, wordlessly, and I felt, too, his solemn joy.Photo: Solemn Joy

9 thoughts on “It was Only a Dream…

    • Thank you, Beautiful. I should know you’d be one who’d ‘get it’—of course. In this instance, it really is virtually a transcription of a very sweetly comforting dream I had once. I have no idea what was going on in my life at the time, anymore, but I know I woke up contented and feeling safe and watched over, somehow. Just one of life’s tiny mysteries. 🙂

    • Thank you. This is one of those extremely rare circumstances (for me, anyway) in which the whole thing was handed to me in an actual dream. I just wrote it down, because it pleased and moved me when I dreamt it. Not my usual thing! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the visuals, too, of course. Those came from real life. 😉

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