I Never Talk about It…

…at least, I generally avoid talking about politics as thoroughly and avidly as possible. But of course, the presidential election coming this fall means we lucky Americans have already been inundated for months with campaign wackiness as candidates pile into and out of their respective parties’—and non-affiliated, independent organizations’, whose candidates are not necessarily immune to the disease either—clown cars.

Photo: Just Nuts

Honestly, we’re all just nuts when it comes to politics, anyway.

Apparently when there’s nothing left to say, that’s when I can’t help saying something.

Pronouncement Announcement
If the prevailing attitude
should still allow me latitude,
I will ignore the platitudes
that beg to disagree,
Since all but mine is foolishness,
the opposition, ghoulishness,
and though it might sound mulish, this
is clearly about Me.
Say what you will, I’ll stay the course,
and only change my route or horse
if made to, for unless perforce,
no reason can I see:
Demand no ideology
of logic, for phrenology,
leavened with some astrology,
is good enough for me.
The running of our nation
is based more on desperation
—and a plague of perturbation—
than on brains;
Elective coronation
of our leadership’s a ration
of reminders a vacation
is required, or what remains
Of sane deliberation
and of civil conversation
will go, sans meditation,
down the
ever-loving drains.
And on that note, pretentiously,
appallingly sententiously,
and would-be president-iously
as anyone can be,
I remonstrate with all you twits,
vulgarians and feeble-wits,
that, politics or other, it’s
forever about Me.Digital illo: My Candidacy

26 thoughts on “I Never Talk about It…

  1. Kathryn- as you know we have a totally different politiacl system here in Sweden. Our elections are not as “strange” as yours. And our politicians are not depending on Money for their campains as ýours.
    However there is one BIG common thing: we both have DEMOCRACY! And for that we shall fight!
    So no matter your political opinions-“I fight for your right to your Believes”!
    Here we are foolowing your election everyday! ( I know exactly how I would vote if i were an american! And its for sure NOT a male bullionaire! 😉 )
    ha en fin dag!

    • Jepp! As a citizen of a democracy, I must stand up for the rights of the ignorant, the illogical, and the absolutely mad, along with everybody else. The question these days might be: IS there anybody else?! 😉 My comfort lies in knowing that not only my native country but the rest of the world too have mostly survived all of our previous stupidity (and there’s been plenty!), so I hope that whatever happens now, we’ll all muddle through again somehow. I’d just prefer it not be necessary to survive complete craziness. If so, I apologize in advance for all of us who will want to flee to other countries! 😉
      Ha en bra, sol-rik dag!

      • *lol*
        I can just see the flood of people leaving your great country- invading countries like sweden! But i guess if you people came- we woudl defenitely open our arms!
        Have a great day, kathryn

  2. Good morning dear Kathryn…I loved this contribution. I have to admit that your elections this time around are being met with total amazement by one and all that I know on this side of the Pond!:) No one thought it possible that a certain vulgar, spoiled, obnoxious character could possibly get this far!! Oh the folly of mankind. On a much more realistic note…I wish you a day filled with magical hummingbirds……:) Janet. xxxx

    • I’m certain you and your fellow watchers are aware that there is a large contingent of people like me on this side of the Pond who are equally aghast, amazed, mortified, mystified, and embarrassed. Ah, the power of the American extremes. Thank you for the hummingbirds. I promise you, they will be worked to their full capacity in the next months around *my* household! 🙂

      • Good morning, Kathryn…oh yes, I am very aware. My own son and daughter are part of that large contingent as our all my many wonderful American friends…which is why it is so mystifying. However, as is the case with everything in life….even Mr. Trump – this too shall pass……..we hope:) Sending love and wishes for a beautiful weekend….Janet. xxx

  3. Every four years I end up getting twisted up with anxiety and worry, and my stomach churns at the constant barrage of ridiculousness that is hurled in our direction, all under the crude stench of campaigning. Other years were difficult. This year it’s worse than ever. I would be running around in a total panic, if it wasn’t for the slight hope that somehow the insanity will sort itself out, and we will actually end up making a few forward steps. I’m ashamed and humiliated by what passes for viable candidates these days. What happened to “by the people, for the people?”.

    Thank you for at least finding a way to put a healthy dose of humor on the equation.

    The months between now and November will be painful and ugly, and even though I believe in the idea of the process, I’ve long since lost any resemblance of belief that intelligence will prevail. We, as humans, have the ability to do wondrous and powerful actions that benefit one another, yet we seem stuck in a three ring circus of dissent and opposition. When did politics become the convenient vehicle for inaction and apathy? What happened to that bright-eyed young girl who was so proud to be old enough to vote, way-back-when, in those days when I still believed in the basic goodness of human beings? Prayer and logic and reasoning abilities seem like inconsequential pebbles of hope against an avalanche of boulders determined to crush our spirits. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be standing in line, casting my vote. I don’t dare give up.

    • Amen, sister. It seems to me that politics is a strange hybrid nowadays in a seemingly impossible blend of that inaction & apathy you note with hate-mongering & the spewing of utterly illogical nonsense that inspire the worst in us to take over in the absence of responsible, careful action and interests. I’m opening my arms as wide as I can right now to see how many of us can form a supportive bond of commitment to the latter in ways that will invite actual dialogue, thought, and progress. Yes, I’m plenty fearful of and horribly embarrassed by what passes for Democracy in this country these days, but I’m with you: I daren’t give up quite yet.

  4. Immigrants to the United States who want to become citizens are provided with 100 (I think) questions about the country, along with the answers to those questions. After studying the questions and answers for as long as desired, the would-be citizen then makes an appointment to take a test consisting of 10 (I think) questions drawn from the larger collection. Passing that test is a requirement to become a citizen.

    I’ve long thought that we should have a similar system when citizens register to vote. For that purpose, all the questions (with answers provided, as above) would be about civics: what the three branches of the federal government are, how a bill becomes a law, etc. There could also be questions that are state-specific. To my mind, someone who doesn’t know the basics of how the government works should not be allowed to vote.

    I’m under no illusions that we’d ever adopt such a system, but that doesn’t keep me from imagining it.

    • How is it that I never responded to this comment? After all, I absolutely share your dream of an actually *educated* electorate (and your doubt that it could ever become a reality). But I’ll offer as the excuse for my tardy reply the timing of preparing for a certain spring-break trip that would include meeting a certain friendly fellow blogger and his delightful wife!

    • Maybe our only real hope is that this craziness will have bottomed out now! (I wish.) I recall previous times when I was equally convinced we were somewhere near the Hell exit in our little hand basket, though, so perhaps my blood pressure and phobias will see some relief after all, at least until the *next* End of the World as We Know It happens! 🙂
      xoxoxo, and hope you’re enjoying your life HUGELY in this season and always,

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