To my beloved husband with great love and affection on our eighteenth anniversary: you continue to surprise me, all of these years after your initial unexpected appearance as the love of my life!

Digital illustration from a photo: The Base of the WallSnowing Amethysts

At evening, summertime holds breathless sway

When even crickets wait before they’ll sing,

And birds to roost go silent; everything

Takes pause because the lengthy heat of day

Has drawn a shawl of stillness down to lawn

And flowerbed and hedges, ’til a breath—

So shallow it could scarcely ward off death—

Is difficult to breathe ’til the break’s gone,

Until the night resumes its stealthy crawl,

Exhaling with a stirring wind that flies

Up, stirring blossoms upward to the skies,

Their petals dropping, ash-like, down the wall,

Crape-myrtle petals drifting down below

In waves of amethyst, a summer snow.Digital illustration from a photo: Amethyst Snow

30 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. What a beautiful picture and poem, Kathryn! Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries and many many more. It is the unexpected that often creates the most joy and fulfillment in our lives. XO ❤

  2. What a lovely poem – such beautiful descriptions! Congratulations on your anniversary- what a lot of years to look back on and be proud of 🙂

  3. Just beautiful, through and through – like you, K. This poem is one of my fav posts here. I’d love to see more poetry from you. =) Wonderful things your verbs do, as in:

    “takes pause because the lengthy heat of day
    Has drawn a shawl of stillness down to lawn”

    Am so glad you got to celebrate this milepost. Happy belated anniv.


    • Many thanks, dear Diana. We had a fantastic anniversary, trip, and adventures all along the way. And I will certainly keep writing poetry. It’s interesting that I seem to have moved backward, in a way, for my generation: started with primarily free-verse poetry and only in the last several years got addicted to rhyming and metered stuff to the point that I’ve actually embraced a few traditional forms. But then, working backwards is pretty much my personality in a nutshell, 😉 isn’t it! The next pair of books I’m working on semi-simulaneously will both continue to be poetry collections, though I hope to go with full color from here forward (the BW was a cheaper way to get the first one into print). Time will tell.

      Meanwhile, I am delighted that you liked this piece. 🙂


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