Love always makes us a little nutty, and that’s not a complaint.

Digital Illustration: A Little Off Kilter

After all, it’s the only explanation for how I’ve managed to be so loved all of my life!Digital Illustration from a Photo: Longing Ladies

One could do a whole lot worse than beginning and ending with love.


To my beloved husband with great love and affection on our eighteenth anniversary: you continue to surprise me, all of these years after your initial unexpected appearance as the love of my life!

Digital illustration from a photo: The Base of the WallSnowing Amethysts

At evening, summertime holds breathless sway

When even crickets wait before they’ll sing,

And birds to roost go silent; everything

Takes pause because the lengthy heat of day

Has drawn a shawl of stillness down to lawn

And flowerbed and hedges, ’til a breath—

So shallow it could scarcely ward off death—

Is difficult to breathe ’til the break’s gone,

Until the night resumes its stealthy crawl,

Exhaling with a stirring wind that flies

Up, stirring blossoms upward to the skies,

Their petals dropping, ash-like, down the wall,

Crape-myrtle petals drifting down below

In waves of amethyst, a summer snow.Digital illustration from a photo: Amethyst Snow

The Fantastic is Surprisingly Real

pen & ink drawingDefying Probabilities

The most improbable outcome

Of delirious, fanciful dreams

Is not the impossible can’t-be

That perpetually it seems—

And I can prove this conundrum,

In my personal life, is true,

For it happens that though it’s wildly unreal,

I’m actually loved by you.digital artwork from a drawing

Just Another Love Song, if You Don’t Mind

digital art from a drawingAppraisal

What’s the current market value of a hug, caress or kiss?

Why would any self-respecting person get engrossed in this?

Isn’t it a tad surprising we’d make such hullabaloo

Of this silly, unproductive, non-remunerative goo?

That’s the miracle of romance and of loving: that we choose

To pursue ridiculous intangibles among the ooze

Of lace valentines and candies, in hand-holding, making eyes

Like moo-cows and fuzzy puppies at each other—but the prize

Found in all this crazy weirdness, wacky though our loving be,

Is the exponential return on this small investment that we see

When beloved turns to lover and responds in foolish kind:

That’s the truth toward which we hover when two loves get so entwined.digital art from a drawing