Foodie Tuesday: Artful Eating

Another pleasure of travel—of getting out of my familiar paths and habits—is discovering not only new things to eat but new ways of preparing and presenting foods I might have known all along. Whether there’s some entirely unforeseen ingredient or the known ones are combined in a completely unfamiliar way or plated more exotically or beautifully than I’ve seen before, it’s all, well, food for thought. And a danged fine way to assuage the hunger pangs brought on by wandering and exploring in new territory.

The time we spent in Europe in July was yet another happy example of this truism. So much so that I’ll just give you a few tantalizing shots for your contemplation and not go further. You’ll be wanting to dash off for lunch before I have any time to go on further anyhow, don’t you know.Photos: Artful Eating (Series) 2014-08-05.2.artful-eating 2014-08-05.3.artful-eating 2014-08-05.4.artful-eating 2014-08-05.5.artful-eating 2014-08-05.6.artful-eating 2014-08-05.7.artful-eating 2014-08-05.8.artful-eating

14 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Artful Eating

  1. The first is the most artfully skewered shaslik/sheesh tawouk/whatever I have ever seen!! 🙂 Tasting ‘different’ food is a big part of the excitement of travel for me as well.

    • Wasn’t that a fun mode of presentation! I hadn’t ever seen it that way before, either, and my friend who ordered it said it was as delicious as it looked. I had ordered something that was far less showy but equally tasty. 🙂

    • You *know* that I never pretended to be polite!!! I am so impressed that you’re doing a half marathon! Now that the summer’s ending, I shall have to start behaving a whole lot better, but hiking over to the mall a quarter mile away for an *air conditioned* walk is the best exercise I’m likely to get on a regular basis in hot old Texas. And I’m usually having dreamy thoughts, all the while, of pretty food. Sigh. The joy of being food-obsessed! 😉

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  3. who DIDN’T salivate a little looking at that!? anyone know where to get those skewer hangers? summertime’s colorful foods make some edible – and now hangable- art for sure!

    • Isn’t that cool? I started theorizing whether/how I could make such hangers out of something like bird-feeder or potted-plant hangers…or perhaps just making a stand/base with a hole in it for standing the skewer up on end…. Who says playing with your food isn’t a good thing!! 😉

  4. my future grand-daughter-in-law (?) works at a fancy hotel in the pastry department, and some of the creations they put together make my eyes spin in wonder and surprise … she sometimes posts photos of delicacies and fancy bits of deliciousness, and I’m always somewhat awed at how artistic and creative they are, and can only imagine how yummy they would be

    • No kidding! I think my longtime admiration of food is as much visual as it is hunger/taste related. There’s something that goes beyond mere wall-art levels in edible art, for certain! 🙂 Sounds like your FGDIL (!) is a true artiste. Fun!

  5. You’ve got me contemplating making a snack, Kathryn, when I should be thinking about hitting the hay. I, too, ogled many a pastry shop’s windows as I walked around during my recent holiday. I was able to easily bypass them but it wasn’t any form of self discipline. I usually had a gelato in my hand or was on my way to getting one. 🙂

    • The best pastry-preventive mode I can imagine! Actually, isn’t gelato something like the Universal Donor?? A cure for any possible ailment, and some that haven’t even been invented yet. 🙂

    • I confess that one of the reasons I have long been enamored of photographing beautiful food (as well as keeping pretty cookbooks and magazines for bedtime and coffee-table reading) is that I can *sometimes* resist actually eating for a little longer if I have some gorgeous food to look at and imagine. 😀

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