When Wonderfulness Jumps Up and Bites You

. . . you can’t be ready for a surprise, beyond living as close to ‘expect-the-unexpected’ as you can manage at all times. But it pays to give attention when the serendipitous does happen. In a magical used-book store, I was enjoying as much as all of the great tomes and illustrated wonders and history-breathing music scores the antics of the shop cat, a rambunctious adolescent intent on caroming like a pinball off of every available surface of the building and its contents. His determined hyperkinetics and failed stealth resulted in more pratfalls than the king of the jungle magnificence through whose lens I suspect he saw himself: it was hard not to anthropomorphize and laugh. I may have irritated him a little with my own self-important patronizing–whatever the inspiration, when I leaned near him as I was headed for the counter, he jumped up blithely and bit me on the eyebrow.

Not that I’ve learned my lesson in any way, but that little moment of being put in my place by an upstart juvenile feline reminded me that despite being myself a creature of a parallel universe in some ways, I operate within the confines of the real one on a quotidian basis and so I constantly carom off of it (and its varied denizens) in unexpected ways too. At the least, I should be happy to find wisdom and inspiration in the results.

One such collision-of-worlds that frequently cheers my existence is the translation of text from foreign languages to English, or often, of bad English into worse English, that occurs in commercial and public applications. So I made a digital collage as homage to that gift.

digital collage of happily mis-translated malaprops

Good cheer comes in imported packages