A Word to the Contrary

Photo: The Yolk's on Me

Three for the price of two, or a double surprise: the yolk’s on me!

Orange (Mission: Preposterous)

Can there be anything that’s more ing-

enious than to rhyme with orange?

Or have you heard aught more absurd

than rhyming an unmated word?

Just this: that even realists

can turn into idealists

when once they think they have attached

a mate to words that seemed unmatched.

So if you’d make your rhymes more orangey,

just sip a wee dram of Glenmorangie;

you might learn words to score in Scrabble on,

or, at the least, be led to Babylon (*),

but certainly, however foreign,

just know that all rhymes lead to Orange.

Photo: I Rose to the Occasion

At least, I hope I rose to the occasion!